Preparation Session 9 (16 July)

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Please find the two texts to be prepared for the twelfth session here.

In case you haven’t posted your contribution to our collaborative writing project, do it now!


Round Robin – An Experiment in the Old Game of “Consequences”

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This is part one of the round robin story we are writing collaboratively in preparation for the next session (9 July 2009). Please contribute to this creative writing effort.

Part 1

Out of the bright sunshine of July, Captain Jervis stepped in one pace into the restful obscurity of the hotel. He stopped, hoping to hear some sound which would indicate the whereabouts of the person left in charge. There was silence. His arrival had occasioned no curiosity or even notice. He walked through the hall and found himself in a cocktail bar of which the bar was closed and locked. Further still, he emerged on the covered terrace with glass panes overlooking the harbour.

It was disappointing to find no one about the place. He had on the tip of his tongue the phrases, a little grandiose, in which he would have ordered dinner for five. Four of the five, after all, were persons of some importance, the chief actors in a drama of war and treachery. The fact that he, the fifth, had so minor a part in the affair–little more than the ordering of dinner–was what inspired his desire to seem imporant. He knew well that once the others arrived he would be unimportant enough, a person to make a note, to hurry up the dinner, or to answer the telephone. He was intelligent, the Brigadier thought a great deal of him, he had not done at all badly in the Army, but he was still only the Staff Captain. His job was to keep quiet and obey orders.

(to be continued–see comments)

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Preparation Session 7 (2nd July)

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Please prepare the Simanowski text. It is written in German, so, those of you who still have problems with the language should reserve enough reading and maybe even translation time. Think about proper translations of those terms discussed by Simonowski. Why is the term Interfictions highly problematic?

Additionally, please bring a copy of the first chapter of Espen J. Aarseth’s Cybertext as well as N. Katherine Hayles‘ essay “Electronic Literature: What is it?” with you to the seminar. We might need it for a discussion.

Memexes: A Poll

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Preparation Session 6 (25th June 2009)

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As given in the seminar schedule, please prepare the text by Espen J. Aarseth.

Essay Questions

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You asked for it, so there you go. Please keep the deadline in mind. It is 2nd July. I cannot accept late essays. Also, have a look onto the notes on the submission of essays, that you can find here.

Preparation Session 5 (28 May)

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The text by Vannevar Bush is available at the Atlantic Monthly. As you can see in the schedule, George P. Landow’s book Hypertext 2.0 can be found in the Semesterapparat. There is, by the way, a newer version of the book, called Hypertext 3.0. Do you like the style and the content of 2.0? Do you think it’s worth ordering the more recent version for the library? Please, give me feedback. I’m biased and dazzled by my copy of this wonderful book:

How it sparkles in the light… 😉